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Puanthui zirna hawng


Tuikum bialtu MLA Er. Lalrinawma chuan a bial chhung hmun hnih – Baktawng leh Tlungvel-ah MHIP puanthui zirna a hawng.

Puanthui zirnate hi a enkawltu MHIP Branch hmingchawiin Skill Development Centre tih hming vuah a ni a. Baktawng Dawrveng Branch leh Tlungvel Venghlun Branch te enkawl tur a ni. Puanthui zirna atan hian bialtu MLA chuan a fund atangin puanthui khawl panga ve ve a lo sem tawh a, Baktawngah zirlai 11 leh Tlungvel Venghlunah zirlai 10-in bul an tan a ni.

Bialtu MLA chuan Aizawlah puanthui zira mahni khua chhuahsan an awm thin tih sawiin, “An ni hian mahni in lum atang ngeiin, nu leh pate uapna hnuaiah an zir theih hi ka duh em em thin a. Kum 2018-a Ngentianga Tawi Block MHIP Conference-ah khan puanthui zirna kalpui inhuam an awm chuan puanthui khawl kan pek tur thu kan lo sawi a. A inhuam branch engemawzat chu an rawn in-report tawh a, branch engemawzat hnenah puanthui khawl hi pek a ni tawh,” a ti. A thawh hnihna tur la tih leh thuai an tum tih a sawi a ni.

(THE AIZAWL POST – Tualchhung)

The Aizawk Post

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