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PUC-in online in freshers’ social hmang


Pachhunga University College chuan Zirtawpni khan an college-a kal tharte lawmna (freshers’ social) an hmang. Covid-19 vangin Mizoramah inkharkhip anih avangin online-a hman a ni a, You tube-ah live streaming-a pek chhuah a ni bawk.

He hunah hian PUC principal Prof H. Lalthanzara, vice principal Dr Lalbiaksangi Chawngthu leh senior teacher Dr HS Thapa te hnen atangin fuihna thusawi ngaihthlak a ni a. Students’ Union vice president Lalrengpuia leh zirlai dangte hnen atangin thusawi ngaihthlak a ni bawk.

PUC Chhawkhlei Cultural Club leh PUC Student’s Union buatsaih, cultural dance video, Mizo hnam hrang hrangte incheina leh lam tihlanna – ‘Chhawkhlei: Lamlian lehlam’ tih chu PUC principal hian a tlangzarh bawk a ni. He video hi PUC Youtube channel-ah en theih tura chhawpchhuah nghal a ni.

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