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PWD in SAS leh MATS hawng


Er. K. Lalsawmvela, E-in-C PWD chuan Smart Attendance System (SAS) leh Moveable Asset Tracking System (MATS) te chu hman theih turin a hawng.

Heng software te hi World Bank Project sum hmanga tihpuitlin mek a ni a, consultant atan Lailen Consulting Pvt. Ltd te rawih an ni.

Moveable Asset Tracking System(MATS) system hmang hian PWD te chuan lirthei leh an hnathawhna khawl 250 ah GPS device a vuah mek a, GPS device hmang hian khawl/lirthei awmna hmun, tlan dan leh lirthei condition report te awlsam takin a hriat theih tawh dawn a ni.

Chhiatrupna/leimin khawilaiah emaw a thlenin a hnaih ber lirthei/hmanrua engtia hlaah nge a awm a, chhiatna hmun thleng tura a hun mamawh te hriat theih a ni tawh ang.

Smart Attendance System (SAS) hian a tum ber chu department officer leh staff te office hunbi dik tak an vawn theihna tur a ni a. He system hmang hian staff attendance bakah an luh leh chuah hun te pawh chinchhiah a ni thei tawh dawn a, attendance report awlsam taka en theih a ni tawh dawn a ni. He mi atan hian Staff tin te chu RFID technology hmangin ID card siam sak an ni a, office hrang hranga an luh leh chhuah dar zat nen a record zel tawh dawn a ni.

(THE AIZAWL POST – Tualchhung)

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