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PYD-ten thisen pek hapta hmang tan


Aizawl khawpui chhunga UPC North East India thalai pawl – PYD chuan Aizawl City PYD Coordination Committee huaihawtin Thawhtanni atang khan ‘thisen pek runpui hapta’ an hmang tan.

Hapta hawnna pual inkhawm hi UPC NEI Gen. Hqrs office building-ah neih a ni a, General PYD president Rev. H. Lalropuia’n Week hi hawngin Pathian hnenah a hlan a ni. Social distancing leh hrileng inkaihhruaina sawrkar dan siamte zawm chungin Civil Hospital Aizawl Blood Bank thawktuten thisen hi an la a; Thawhtanni hian Aizawla Pastor bial pali – Zemabawk North, Hunthar, Mualpui leh Dinthar Bial PYD ten bul an tan a, a vaiin unit 72 an pe.

Thisen pek runpui hapta hi UPC NEI PYD-in kumtin October 2-a a hman thin, Social Work Day denchhena ruahman a ni a. Tun kar chhung hian Aizawl khawpui chhunga Pastor bial 16-ten darkar hunbi ruahman chhungin thisen hi an inpek chhawk dawn a ni.

(THE AIZAWL POST – Tualchhung)

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