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Q2-a smartphone hralhna atanga sum lalut tam ber Apple


Apple chuan second quarter (April-June) chhunga an sum lakluh tam ber tum tawngin, an Q2 revenue share pawh 41 percent a kai pha daih a, uear-on-year (YoY) growth pawh 30 percent niin Counterpoint chuan an tarlang a, iPhone 12 hralh a la kal hle a, Apple dawttu chu Xiaomi niin, anni hi an YoY hi 98 percent a kai pha hial a ni. Hetihrual hian Samsung chu Q2-a handset hralh chhuak hnem ber an ni pha tho mai.

Market research firm Counterpoint-in an tarlan danin khawvel pumah smartphone market hi YoY growth 19 percent a tling a, kumin April-June chhunga handset an hralh chhuah zawng zawng chu maktaduai 329 a tling a, chutihrualin kum kalta Q2 nena khaikhin chuan 7 percent-in a tlahniam ve thung.

Apple hian nikum Q2 nena khaikhinin an smartphone pekchhuah hi 18 percent-in a tlahniam a, chuti chung chuan Q2 revenue share-a an chetthat ber tum an tawng a, 41 percent an hauh pha a, handset maktaduai 48.9 an pechhuak hman a, Counterpoint chuan iPhone 12 an hralh that vanga hetiang dinhmun hi thleng niin an tarlang.

Xiaomi chu Q2 2021-a smartphone brand lian ber dawttu niin, handset maktaduai 53 an pechhuak hman a, handset pekchhuah lama an thanna hi 98 percent a kai a, an smartphone-ah chuan Redmi 9, Redmi Note 9, Redmi Note 10 series leh Mi 11 series-te an hralh tam ber a ni.

Handset pekchhuah tam hrim hrimah chuan Samsung-in an la pechhuak tam ber a, Q2 2021-ah unit maktaduai 57.9 an pechhuak a, Q1 aiin 7 percent-in a pung a, kum kalta Q2 nena khaikhin chuan 24 percent-in a tlahniam ve thung. Sum lakluh lamah chuan Samsung hi Q1 aiin 30 percent-in a tlahniam a, chutihlaiin nikum Q2 nena khaikhin chuan 7 percent-in a pung ve thung.

Oppo leh Vivo te Q2-ah 12 percent leh 8 percent-in an tlahniam a, chutihlaiin Oppo hi an sum lakluhah kum kalta nena khaikhin chuan 50 percent-in a pung ve thung. OnePlus pawh Q2 2021-ah Q2 2020 nena khaikhinin 170 percent-in an pung a, hei hi an OnePlus Nord N series North America leh Western Europe market-a an hralh that vang niin an tarlang.

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