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RAgT kit sing thum thleng


Mizoram sawrkarin a lei Rapid Antigen Test kit 20000 chu Thawhtanni khan Lengpui Airport phurh thlen a ni a. Directorate of Hospital & Medical Education ami tur Rapid Antigen Test kit 9000 leh Zoram Medical College-a hman tur 1000 phurh thlen a ni bawk.

RAgT kit hi sing thum dang Mizoram sawrkar chuan a order fel tawh bawk a, karleh lamah a rawn thlen beisei a ni tih Health minister Dr R Lalthangliana chuan a sawi.

Tunhnaiah sample test tur a tam avangin contact tracing, sample collecting leh ZMC laboratory-a sample test buaipuitute an hah hle tih Health minister hian sawiin, “Sample lakkhawm sa a tam avangin duh ang leh beisei angin sample test hna a kal chakpui theih loh a, sample test tul em em lo, remchang laa lo in test thinte kan awm niin a hriat bawk a. Sample latute leh ZMC hotute thu dawngsawng thiam a, lo dawh hram hram turin VLTF/LLTF leh mipui kan ngen a ni,” a ti.

(THE AIZAWL POST – Tualchhung)

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