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Rajasthan-in August 2-ah School hawng dawn


Rajasthan school-te chu August 2 atangin hripui kai an tlakhniam zel avangin hawn tan a ni dawn a. Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot kaihhruai Rajasthan cabinet chuan school, college leh university-te chu hawn tawh turin thutlukna a siam a ni.

Education Minister Govind Singh Dostara chuan August 2-ah school hawn tan a ni dawn chungin educational institution dangte hawn hun tur erawh an la puan chian tur thu a sawi thung a ni.

Cabinet chuan thutlukna an siam hmain medical lama mithiamte ngaihdan la hmasain uluk taka ngaihtuah a nih hnuah zirna in te hawn an remti ta a ni.

Covid protocol zawm chungin school hawn chu kalpui theih tawhah ngai a ni.

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