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Ramri buaina kal zelah India-in China app 59 khap bur


India sorkar chuan application 59 lai a tam ber China application heng TikTok, Shareit, Mi Video Call, Club Factory leh Cam Scanner te chu national security leh sovereignty chhuanlama siamin a khap.

India leh China inkara ramria intihbuaina thleng boruak sosan lai takin heng e-commerce atanga gaming, social media, browsers, instant messanging leh file sharing app te hi a khap zui a ni.

“Heng application te hian India sovereignty leh integrity tichhe thei nia ngaih a nih avangin Government of India chuan heng moble leh non-mobile Internet-enabled device te hi a khap a ni” tiin Ministryof Electronics and IT (Meity) chuan thuchhuah siamin an sawi.

Meity chuan Google leh Apple hnenah heng apllications te hi an application stores a\anga paih turin a hrilh nghal nia sawi a ni a. Chutiang bawkin telecom operation leh Internet service providers te chu heng application te hi an network a\anga luhtheihloh tura siam tura tihzui an ni bawk. Ministry chuan khapna dan hi Section 69A of the Information Technology Act bakah Information Technology (Procedure and Safeguards for Blocking of Access of Information by Public) Rules, 2009 hmanga kalpui a nih thu an sawi nghal bawk.

“Sorkar tana hlauhawm nia a lan avangin heng apps 59 te hian India sovereignty leh integrity bakah India ram venhimna leh state leh public order security tikhaihlak thei a nih avangin khap a ni” tiin sorkar thuchhuak chuan a sawi bawk. Mipuite chuan heng application te hi khap duhna an nei tia sawiin Meity chuan khua leh tui te mai bakah heng apps te hi Indian Cyber Crime

Coordiation Centre leh Ministry of Home Affairs te pawhin khap ni se an duh tiin a sawi bawk. IT Ministry chuan thubuai tam tak dawngin chung zingah chuan mobile apps hmanga user data inruksak te leh India ram pawn server a\anga lak te a tel a. Heng data leh mining te hian India venhimna leh national security tibuai thei niin chu chuan India sovereignty a khawih thei a ni, tiin an sawi bawk.

Sanchit Vir Gogia, chief analyst leh CEO, Greyhound Research chuan khapna chu thil kalpui awlsam tak a nih thu sawiin, “Sorkar in operators, Internet serive providers leh application stores heng Google’s Play store leh Apple’s App Store-ah te a hrilh mai dawn a ni” tiin a sawi a. Khap zingah pawh TikTok, Mi Video Call leh Cam Scanner te chu India a hman uar ber ber a ni tiin a sawi. Tihian China chuan a damdawi hman a ei ve tihna a ni bawk a. China hian Facebook leh Google te hi an ramah hman a khap bur sa tawh a ni.

India sorkarin a application a khap zinga lar deuh deuhte leh hman nasat deuh deuh te chu TikTok, Shareit, Mi Video Call, Club Factory, UC Browser, Shein, Clash of Kings, Helo, Mi Community, WeChat, Cam Scanner, Clean Master – Cheetah Mobile, Baidu Translate, Mobile Legends te a ni.

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