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RDIF leh Dr. Reddy’s ten SPutnik V vaccin ah inremna


Russia Direct Investment Fund (RDIF) te Russia Covid-19 vaccine Sputnik V siamtute chuan Hyderabad-a inbun Dr. Reddy’s Laboratory te nen vaccine test leh thuneitu ten remtihna an pek chuan India hnenah vaccine 100 million dose pe thei turin inremna an siam. Sputnik V hi phase 3 trial nei mek a ni.

G.V. Prasad, co-chairman and managing director, Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories chuan RDIF te nena thuchhuah intawm an siamah, “India rama vaccine lalut tura RDIF te nena inremna kan siam hi kan lawm a ni. Phase 1 leh 2 result ten beisei a tisang hle a, Indian regulator tena an pawm theihna turin Phase 3 trial India-ah neih a ni ang a. Sputnik V vaccine hi India rama Covid-19 beihletna kawngah duh thlan tur dang tha a ni thei dawn a ni” tiin an tarlang.

RDIF chuan thu chhuah siamin, “Sputnik V vaccine hi human denovir vector platform zirchian behchhana siam niin a him bawk a, clinical trial kalpui mek a ni. Kum 2020 tawp lamah hlawhtling taka trial neih a nih chuan leh India thuneitu ten an rem tih chuan pekchhuah hman a ni ang” tiin an sawi bawk.

Inremna siamah vaccine chu India rama siam tur tih a awm lo thung a. RDIF thupuangtu chuan a siamchhuah theih dan kawng an la zawn zel tur thu a sawi thung.

Dr. Reddys’s-RDIF agreement hi British Company AstraZeneca leh Pune-a inbun Serum Institute of India (SII) tena inremna an siam hnua international deal lian tham leh hmasa ber niin AstraZneeca leh SII te inremnaah chuan SII han vaccine 100 million siam turah a zahve chu India rama siam tur a ni thung.

August 11 khan Sputnik V vaccine, Ministry of Health of Russia hnuaia Gamaleya National Research Institute of Epidemiology and Microbiology tena an siam chu human adenoviral vector platform behchhana khawvela Covid-19 vaccine siamchhuah hmasak ber niin a kimchang chu sputnikvaccine.com ah hmuh theiha tarlan a ni.

September 4 khan he vaccine Phase 1 leh Phase 2 clinical trial research paper chu peer-reviewed international medical journal The Lancet-ah tihchhuah niin participants ten nghawng tha lo emaw nei loin immune response 100% a awm tia tarlan a ni.

Post-registration clinical trial ah hian volunteer 40,000 chuang awmin a result hmasa ber chu October-November ah hriat theih a nih beisei a ni.


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