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Record siam thulh thei lo Messi


Khelmual chhunga a chet dan avangin Argentina captain Lionel Messi chuan mimalin record a siam chho mawlh mawlh a, khelmual pawn lamah pawh record siam a bang thei chuang lo a, tunhnai Copa America final-a mualneitu Brazil an hneh tuma a thlalak pakhat pawhin Instagram lamah record thar a siam leh ringawt tawh!

Copa America trophy kuah chunga a thlalak dahchhuah chu Instagram bika sports thlalak like-tu ngah ber a ni chho ta a, kha thlalak khan Instalike maktaduai 20 chuang tehreng a dawng!

A ram tana senior national team inelnaa international trophy hawn thei tlat lo Messi chuan a tawpa tawpah tunhnai khan South America khawmualpui ramte football-a inelna lianber Copa America title a hlawh-chhuak ve ta a, Messi hian inthlakna pindan chhunga an trophy dawn thla a lakpui chu Instagram lamah champion lawmna atan a dahchhuak a, a hnuaiah thu tawite: ‘Atna mawihnai! Awih harsa! Lalpa, ka lawm e! We are the champions!’ tih a hnutchhiah. Kha thlalak khan Instagram lama infiamna kaihhnawih thlalak tarchhuah tawha like-tu ngah ber ni reng thin, November 25, 2020-a Diego Maradona thlahna’na Cristiano Ronaldo thlalak phochhuah a khum ta a ni.

Instagram-a follower mak-taduai 232 nei tling superstar Lionel Messi thlalak thar hi infiamna leh infiamna loah pawh Instagram history-a like-tu ngah parukna a ni pha.

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