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Reds-ah Arnold a rinawm


Liverpool tlarhnung player pawimawh Trent Alexander-Arnold chuan Anfield-ah kum 2025 thleng cham turin contract thar a zak a, rinawmna thu a tiam nawn leh.

England fullback Trent Alexander-Arnold hi Liverpool chhul-chhuak a ni a, tunah chuan an player pawi-mawh tak a ni der tawh. Liverpool youth team tan a khelh reng hnuin kum 2016 khan Reds senior team tan a khel tan. Wing back tha ber pawla ngaih a ni mek a, thenkhat phei chuan Cafu hnu lama wing back tha ber a nih thu an sawi hial thin. Liverpool tan hian inelna hrang hrangah vawi 179 a khel tling tawh a. Premier League-ah bik vawi 129 khel in, goal 8 a thun tling tawh a. Reds hi Premier League leh champions league-ah te a champion pui tawh.

Kum 2018 atang khan England tan a khel tan a, Three Lions tan hian vawi 13 khelin, goal 1 a thun tawh. Euro 2020-ah khan England tan khel tura koh a ni a, inelna tan a nih hmain a darah hliam a tuar a, Euro a hmachhawn thei lo thung. Anfield-ah hun rei zawk cham tura contract thar a ziak chu lawmawm a tih thu a sawi.

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