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Roller skate bun chunga inhruizuan record a siam


Guinness World Records hian an official Indtagram-ah miin record an siam lai video an post fo a, tunah pawh India atanga roller skate bun chunga inhruizuan record an siam lai video an dah chhuak leh ta.

Thenkhat chu roller skate hmang tawlh chu sawi loh, a din ringawt pawh harsa ti tur kan tam khawp ang.

Record siamtu chu Zorawar Singh a ni a, roller skate bun chungin second 30 chhungin vawi 147 a inhruizuan hman a, roller skate bun chunga second 30 chhunga inhruizuan hnem ber record a siam.

Zorawar hi tunhma chuan thleng-thlawh (discus throw) ti thin a ni a, mahse, a inhliam avangin a chhunzawm thei ta lo va, a fitness atan inhruizuan lamah a kal ta a, tichuan jump rope world championships-ah te pawh a tel ve ta zak zak a, Guinness World Record siam tumin a inzir ta a ni.

(THE AIZAWL POST – Phuah Pawlh)

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