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Rolls Royce Ghost Extended


Rolls-Royce chuan an new-gen Rolls-Royce Ghost India-a an tlangzarh hnu lawkah long wheelbase (LWB) version, Ghost Extended chu India-ah an tlangzarh leh ta a, cheng vaibelchhe 7.95 man a ni a, Rolls-Royce Ghost aiin cheng vaibelchhe 1 velin a to zawk a, 2021 atangin an hralh chhuak tan ang.

Rolls-Royce Ghost Extended hi a sei tha hle a, a sei zawng 5715mm niin, a wheelbase pawh 3465mm niin, a car len zawng erawh a la ngai a, 1978mm lian a ni. A vawi khat nan Ghost Extended hian a hnunglam seat tihawn theih (reclining seat) a nei a, company lam chuan Serenity Seat tiin an sawi mai a, business jet cabin nen an tehkhin hial a ni. He car hian Champagbe fridge a hnunglam seat pahnih inkarah a nei a, cooling mode chi hnih 6 degree leh 11 degree a nei bawk. A cabin a reh lehzual theih nan thawm bengchheng dang turin a chassis, bodywork leh tyre-ah te acoustic damping material kg 100 zel an hman belh bawk.

Micro-Envirinment Purification System (MEPS) neiin, hei hi car chhunga boruak tithianghlimtu a ni a, boruak thianghlim tawk lo pawh lo thlifim zung zung thei tur a ni. A feature dangah vision assist, day and night wildlife & pedestrian warning, alertness assistant, four camera system leh panoramic view, all-round visibility leh helicopter view, active cruise control, collision warning, cross-traffic warning, lane deperture leh lane change warning, 7×3 high-resolution head-up display, Wi-Fi hotspot, self-park, leh navigation leh entertainment system changtlung tak a nei a, laser headlight neiin, meter 600 a en phak niin an chhal bawk.

He car hian 6.75-litre twin-turbocharged V12 engine neiin, 563 bhp leh 850 Nm torque pechhuak thei a ni a, a engine hi an company kutchhuak Satellite Aided Transmission system a thuam niin, all-wheel-drive leh all-wheel steering bakah Rolls-Royce seld-levelling high-volume air suspension technology a nei bawk.

(THE AIZAWL POST – Thalaite Huang)

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