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Rs 2,290 crore man ralthuam lei remti


Defence Ministry chuan silai leh ralthuam Rs 2,290 crore hu lei a remti a, heng zingah hian China leh Pakistan ramria duty te hman tur US atangin Sig Sauer assault rifles 72,000 a tel.

Defence ministry a ralthuam lei chungchanga thuneitu sang ber Defence Acquisition Council (DAC) chuan heng ralthuamte lei remtihna a pe a ni.

Assault rifles lei phalna bakah hian DAC in remtihnaa pek zingah Navy leh Indian Air Force te hman tur smart anti-airfield weapon (SAAW) system Rs 970 crore senna tur pawh a tel.

“Defence Minister Rajnath Sigh kaihhruai DAC chuan ralthuam hrang hrang Rs 2,290 crore senna tur lei a rem ti,” tiin defence ministry thuchhuak chuan a tarlang.

Army te chuan infantry modernisation programme nasa taka kalpui mekin light machine guns, battle carbines leh assault rifles te chu ralthuam hlui te thlak nan lei mek zel a ni a.

October 2017 pawh khan Indian Army te chuan seven lakh rifles, 44,000 light machine guns (LMGs) leh carbines 44,600 an lo lei tawh bawk.

Khawvela Army lian ber dawttute hian tun hnaiah Pakistan leh China nena ramria buaina awm nasat avangin weapon system tha zawk nei turin hma a la nasa hle a ni.

Sig Sauer assault rifles 72,000 US atanga a lei tur hi China leh Pakistan a ramria duty te hman tur bik liau liau a ni bawk.

(THE AIZAWL POST – Ramchhung)

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