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Rualbanloin tui hleuh thui record siam tum


TD Baburaj, kum 58, chuan pianphunga rualbanlo zinga tuipuia tui hleuh thui ber record siam a tum a, Guinness World Record siam tur chuan Spanish pakhatin record a lo siam tawh km 250 a khum a ngai dawn a ni.

Baburaj hian 2018 khan Champakulam atanga Punnamada thleng, km 26 a thui chu darkar 7 leh minute 10 chhunga hleuh thlengin Limca Book of Records-ah a hming a lo chuantir tawh a, 2016 khan Muhamma atanga Kumarakom thleng, km 10 a thui hleuhin Asian record a lo siam tawh bawk.

Baburaj hi kum 12 mi chauh a nih laiin thingkung atanga tlain, a piansual phah ta a, lawng khaikhup avanga hmeichhe naupang pakhat tui tla a hmuh atangin tui hleuh a zir ta a, school leh college a kal laiin rualbanlo pawh ni chuang lo zingah tui hleuh-ah lawmman a lo dawng nual tawh a, Patiala-a National Championships-ah pawh bronze medal a lo dawng tawh nghe nghea ni.

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