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Ruihhlo Do Committee tharthawh leh rel


Excise & Narcotics Department hotute leh Central YMA hruaitute chuan ruihhlo a hluar leh tak avangin hun hmasa lama an lo din tawh Ruihhlo Do Committee chu tharthawh leh an rel.

Nilaini khan Excise & Narcotics minister Dr K. Beichhua hoin an department hotute leh Central YMA hruaitute an inkawm a. Minister chuan ruihhlo do chu spring nem beh tum ang a ni, tiin, “Nem nat chuan a bet a, thlah chuan a pawng leh thin, hetiang a nih avang hian chawl loa do reng a ngai a, ruihhlo do kawngah YMA thahnemngaihna a ropui a, a lawmawm hle a ni,” a ti.

Central YMA president Vanlalruata chuan Covid-19 hrilen kumah Mizoramah ruihhlo vanga thi an tam tih sawiin, “Kum 2004 hnuah kum 2017-a mi 65 thihna thleng chu kumin hian kan pha tep tawh a, 63 an thi tawh,” a ti. Hei vang hian sawrkar, NGO leh kohhran ten theihtawp chhuah chhunzawm a ngai hle tih a sawi a ni.

CYMA vice president Lalhmachhuana pawhin ‘Zirna Uar Kum’ tih kumpuanah nei mah se, zu leh ruihhlo a tam chuan zirna uar a harsa a, hei vang hian YMA pawhin theihtawp chhuahin ruihhlo do a thawk reng tiin a sawi a ni.

Excise & Narcotics commissioner Ngurchungnunga Sailo chuan department hmalakna te a sawi a. An department chuan theihtawp chhuahin ruihhlo dapchhuah beihpui a thlak reng tih a sawi.

Thutkhawmah hian awmze neia Mizorama ruihhlo do a nih theih nan chief minister kaihhruaina hnuaia Excise & Narcotics Department, NGO leh kohhran te telna Ruihhlo Do Committee chu kaihthawh leh a rel nghal bawk.

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