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Joseph Grisamore chuan mohican hairstyle record a siam. A mohican chu inches 42.5 (feet 3 leh inches 5) a sang niin, Guinness World Record, mohican sang ber record a siam.

Joseph, kum 42, hi a sam hetianga sang taka ti khawng at thei tur hian special hairspray bur khat dawn an hmang a a ni. Joseph hian 2006 khan mohican sang ber record hi siam a lo tum tawh a, mahse, chumi tum chuan a hlawhchham a, tunah record thar a siam ta a ni.

Record siam tur hian a nupui Laura leh a nu Kay ten a sam hi hetianga sang taka sing khawng lah thei tur hian an siam sak a, a lu lei atanga a sam hmawr thlenga tehin inches 42.5 a sang a ni.

(THE AIZAWL POST – Phuah Pawlh)

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