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Sample endik tawh atangin hri kai 2.41%


Mizoramah Covid-19 kai leh kai loh endik tura sample lak atangin hri kai za zelah 2.41 hmuh an ni tawh.

Covid-19 kai leh kai loh sample laksak hi 171305 an awm tawh a, hri kai hmuhchhuah tawh hi 4,124 an ni. Tun thlengin enkawl dam tawh 3,973 an awm a, enkawl mek 144 an awm. December 21 khan hri kai enkawl dam tawh mi 10-in enkawlna hmun an chhuahsan a ni.

December 20 khan ZMC RT-PCR laboratory-chu thenfai (fumigate) a nih vangin Covid-19 sample test a ni loa, District hrang hrang TrueNAT laboratory-a sample 124 endikah hri kai hmuhchhuah pahnih an awm a, state pawn atanga rawn lut ve ve an ni. Rapid Antigen Test hmanga 59 endiknaah hri kai hmuhchhuah an awm lo a ni.

December 21 tlai lam thlenga hri kai hmuhchhuah tawhah tualchhung mi kai 90.09 awmin, force mi zaah 9.09 an awm.

Hri kai hmuhchhuah zingah 1953 chu tualchhung atanga kai niin, state pawn atanga rawn lut hri kai sa nia ngaih 2171 an awm a ni.

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