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Sangha tin hmangin record an siam


Philippines-a eitur siamtu company pakhat chuan sangha tin (sardines can) 70,000 chuang hmangin Krismas tree feet 20 dawna sang an siam a, Guinness World Record an siam.

Mega Sardines chu Philippines-a food brand pakhat an ni a, anni hian record siam nan an sangha tin siam chu an hmang ta a ni. Sangha tin 70,638 chu remkhawmin, Krismas tree siam nan an hmang a, sa tin (can) hmanga thil rem khawm sang ber record an siam ta a ni.

He Krismas tree hi feet 19 leh inches 4.5 a sang niin, Valenzuela City-a an warehouse-ah an remkhawm a, tunah chuan SM Megamall Building, Mandaluyong-ah en theih turin an dah chhuak tawh a ni. He Krismas tree siam nan an sangha tin hman te hi a bur ruak ni lovin, a tak awm vek a ni a, pound 31,000 (kg 14061.363 vel) dawna rit niin an sawi.

Krismas zawh hunah he Krismas tree siam nana an sangha tin hman te hi Reach Out Feed Philippines leh Mega Malasakit Kitchen hnenah charity atan an pe vek dawn a ni.

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