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Satyapira’n hnek rang record siam belh a tum


Odisha a cheng Satyapira Padhan chuan minute khata kut pakhat chauh hmanga hnek hnem thei ber record a lo siam tawh a, July ni 23 hian record dang, kut pahnih hmanga minute khata hnek hnem ber record siam a tum leh ta.

Satyapira hian record siam dilna hi Guinness World Records-ah a theh lut tawh a, July ni 7 khan phalna a dawng tawh a, tunah chuan record siam a tum thei ta a ni. A hmaah minute khata kut pahnih hmanga hnek hnem thei ber record siamtu chu Slovakia mi, Pavel Trusov a ni.

Satyapira record siam tum hi a endik turin Suresh Chandra Chhatria chu expert witness atan ruat a ni a, Sugyan Keshree Pradhan chu a hnek tur, punch pad kengtu a ni ang a, sorkar lam official, LR DAV Cuttack a Sports Officer Sasmita Rautaray leh Gajendra Barik te chu time keeper an ni ang.

Satyapira hian Guinness World Record pahnih a lo siam tawh a, 2017 kha a record siam hmasak ber niin, 2018-ah kut pakhat chauh hmanga minute khata hnek hnem thei ber record a lo siam tawh bawk. Amah hi Martial Arts leh Mountaineering lama tui tak a ni a, Physiotherapy (Neurology)-ah Utkal University, Bhubaneswar atangin Master degree a nei tawh bawk.

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