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Sawrkarin Covid dona lama thi ral


Champhai Vengthlang YMA president C. Laltanpuia (46) s/o C Sualneka (L), Covid-19 hrileng mai thei tur venga Indo-Myanmar ramri hrula tlawmngaia rammu, a rammutna atanga rannung seh (Scrub Typhus) natna veia kumin August 12-a thi ta chhungte hnenah Pathianni khan sawrkarin Chief Minister’s Relief Fund for COVID-19 kaltlangin ralna sumfai cheng nuai khat a hlan.

Ralna hun hmannaah Champhai bawrhsap Maria CT Zuali chuan sawrkar aiawhin thu a sawi a. Sawrkar leh khawtlang tana mi inpe zo tak Pu C.Laltanpuia ral a ngai ta chu lungchhiatthlak a tih thu sawiin, a kalsan tak a chhungte leh khawtlang tan bakah sawrkar tan pawh sawrkar hna a thawhnaah channa nasa tak a ni tih a sawi. Covid-19 hrileng dona kawnga a hnathawh chu sawrkarin a hrereng tawh dawn, tiin, khawtlang, ram leh sawrkar anga a hna thawhte chu hriatreng a ni tawh ang, a ti.

C. Laltanpuia hi YMA Champhai Vengthlang Branch president leh Sub-Hqrs. YMA Champhaia executive committee member nilai a ni a; eizawnna lamah Govt. GM Higher Secondary School, Champhaia commerce lecturer a ni.

(THE AIZAWL POST – Tualchhung)

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