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Sawrkarin pisa hawn hun siam


Mizoram sawrkar General Administration Department chuan kumtina a tih thin angin, Mizoram sawrkar enkawlna hnuaia awm pisa zawng zawngte thlasik laia pisa hawn/ hnathawh hun tur leh nipui laia hawn hun tur a siam a. State pawna Mizoram House-te pisa hawn hun pawh siam tel thin a ni.

Thawhtanni atanga Zitawpni chhung hian thlasik hunlai – 2020 October 12 atanga 2021 February 19 thleng zing dar 9 atanga tlai dar 4 chhung pisa kai/hawn a ni anga; nipui lai – 2021 February 22 atanga 2021 October 15 thleng zing dar 9.00 atanga tlai dar 5 thleng a ni ve thung ang. Hei hi hmarchhak state-a Mizoram House awmnaah pawh hman tura tih a ni.

Hmarchhak state ni lo, India ram hmun danga Mizoram House-ah te erawh pisa hawn hun chhung hi thlasik hun laiin zing dar 9.30 atanga tlai dar leh, nipui hun laiin zing dar 9.30 atanga tlai dar 5.30 a ni ang.

(THE AIZAWL POST – Tualchhung)

The Aizawk Post

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