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SBI-in sawrkar hnenah ventilator 7 hlan


State Bank of India Foundation chuan Mizoram sawrkar hnenah ventilator pasarih an hlan.

Thilpek dawngtu Health & Family Welfare minister Dr R. Lalthangliana chuan State Bank of India inpekna ropui a tih thu sawiin Covid-19 dona kawngah an thawk tha hle tih a taka hmutu a ni tih a sawi. Kumin June khan Mizoramin a mamawh vanglai takin SBI hian PPE quality tha tak 600 a lo pek tawh bakah ventilator pawh pathum a lo pe tawh a, Chief Minister’s Relief Fund-ah SBI thawktuten an hlawh atangin cheng nuai 7 an thawhkhawm chu an hlan tawh bawk tih a sawi.

“SBI hi Zoram mipuiten Covid-19 kan dona kawngah a inhawng em em a, sawrkarin a mamawhnaah engtiklai pawhin tha tak leh rang takin min chhawn nghal zel a, SBI Mizoram bakah headquarters lama an hotute chungah lawmthu ka sawi a ni,” a ti.

SBI Foundation aiawha thilpek hlantu, SBI regional manager LP Lalchangkima chuan ventilator-te hi SBI corporate social responsibility kaltlanga pek niloin, SBI malsawmna dang ‘SBI Foundation’ kaltlanga pek a ni tih a sawi. Ventilator-te chu Mizoram sawrkarin a remchan dan ang anga an hman turin an hlan tih sawiin, a tul a nih chuan khawl bun thlengin puih an inhuam thu a sawi. SBI hnathawkten an nihnih hlawh ‘PM CARES Fund’ ah an chhunglut tawh tih a sawi bawk.

SBI-in ventilator a hlan hi Agva Healthcare siam ‘Agva Ventilator (AV-AD-COVID)’ a ni a, ventilator pakhat hi Rs. 1,48,550 man niin, GST nen a vaiin Rs. 11,64,632 man a ni.

(THE AIZAWL POST – Tualchhung)

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