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SEC-in vote thlaktu mipui hnenah lawmthu sawi


August 27-a local council leh village council inthlan neih zawh takah State Election Commission chuan inthlan tluang taka neih a nih theihna tura thawktute zawng zawng leh vote thlaktu mipui hnenah lawmthu a sawi.

SEC Mizoram thuchhuak chuan, VC member thlan thar zawng zawngte lawmpuina a hlan thu a sawi rualin, ‘Hrileng kara democracy innghahna pawimawh tak VC inthlanpui tihlawhtling tura district hrang hranga mipui vote thlaktu zawng zawng chungah lawmthu kan sawi a ni,’ a ti.

VC inthlanpui vawi 20-na atana mawhphurtu ber district tina deputy commissioner & district election officer-te, hetiang bawkin local council inthlan buaipuitu deputy commissioner & municipal election officer, SP-te, observer-te leh inthlan buaipuia duty official-te leh thawktute dangte inpekna avangin inthlanna tluang tak zawhfel a ni tih a sawi a, an chungah lawmthu a sawi. Covid-19 laka himna turin Health & FW Department-in election duty-te leh mipui himna tura SEC mamawh apiang tihsakin thurawn a pe leh, a bik taka vote thlak ni a medical duty tur a siamte chu SEC chuan a ngaihlu hle, tih a sawi.

Inthlan chungchanga mipui leh political party-te, candidate te hriat tur pawimawh SEC-in a tihchhuah thuthar, rang taka puanchhuahsak thintu Information & Public Relations Department leh media-te hnenah SEC chuan lawmthu a sawi bawk.

‘Covid-19 leng karah VC/LC hun a tawp dawn avangin inthlan buatsaih a tul a, Central YMA leh MPF sawmin Mizoram sawrkarin Standard Operating Procedure a siamte, SEC leh DEO-in kaihhruaina a siamte tihlawhtling tura thawhpuiah kan sawm a. Mipui himna atan a pawimawh zia hriain an tha leh zung, an hun hlu tak sengin local/village task force-te nen thawk hoin ruahmanna fel tak nen veng tinah inthlan an buaipui a, mipuiin heng ruahmanna hi kan zawmtha hle niin a lang a, inthlan fel tak a awm theih avangin an chungah lawmthu kan sawi a ni,’ SEC Mizoram chuan a ti.

(THE AIZAWL POST – Tualchhung)

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