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September-ah GST atangin Vbch.39.69 hmu


Mizoram sawrkar chuan kumin September chhung bikah khan Goods & Service Tax atangin cheng vaibelchhe 39.69 a hmu.

Union Finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman hoin Thawhtanni khan GST Council Meeting vawi 42-na video conferencing hmanga neih a ni a. Mizoram Taxation minister Lalchamliana bakah Taxation commissioner & secretary Vanlal Chhuanga, joint commissioner HK Lalhawngliana leh assistant commissioner of state tax leh GST nodal officer Hrangthanmawia te an tel.

Sawikhawmnaah hian GST hman avanga transitional period chhunga state tam tak tax revenue tlachhe thei veng tur compensation cess chungchang sawi a ni a. Mizorama erawh GST hman vang hian tax revenue a that phah zawk avangin compensate ngai ve lo state zingah kan tel tih tarlan a ni.

Tarlan danin, Mizoram-ah kumin September khan Mizoram sawrkar tan Taxation Department chuan GST cheng vaibelchhia 39.69 a khawn chhuak a ni.

GST Act leh Rules-a tihdanglam ngaite sawi ho a nih bakah National Anti Profiteering chungchang leh Unified Payment Interface (UPI) hmanga GST pek dan turte ngaihtuah tel a ni.

GST Revenue Collection thlir ho nghal niin, Mizoram bikah chuan kumin September chhung khan Mizoram sawrkar tan Taxation Department chuan GST cheng vbc 39.69 khawn a nih thu leh 2020-21 chhungin vaibelchhia 190.81 khawn a nih tawh thu sawi a ni.

(THE AIZAWL POST – Tualchhung)

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