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September GST revenue collection in Rs 95,480 pel


September thlaa Goods and Services Tax (GST) hmanga Revenue collection chuan Rs 95,480 crore a chuang a, kumin financial year a revenue collection san ber tum niin hei hian lockdown phelhdul tak hnuah economic activity a awm takna a lantir a ni.

September thlaa indirect tax collection hi August thla aiin 10% in a tam zawk a, nikuma hmuh ai pawhin 4% in a sang zawk a, kumin financial year-ah a tum hnih nan Rs 90,000 crore tum hnih hmuh a ni tawh bawk.

GST collection hi January 2020 a Rs 1.11 lakh crore hmuh a nih atangin a tlahniam tan a. March 2020 thla, a tawp lama ram pum huap lockdown a nih khan GST hmuh chu Rs 97,579 crore hmuh a ni a. April leh May erawh chhe hlein Rs 32,000 crore leh Rs 62,000 crore chauh hmuh a ni.

“September thlaah GST revenue Rs 95,480 crore hmuh a ni a, heng zinga Rs 17,741 chu Central GST a ni a, State GST chu Rs 23,131 crore a ni a, Integrated GST chu Rs 47,484 crore (import goods atanga hmuh Rs 22,442 corre telin) a ni a, cess atangin Rs 7,124 crore (import goods atanga Rs 788 crore telin) hmuh a ni,” tiin Finance Ministry chuan thuchhuah siamin a tarlang.

Economists te chuan GST collection sang ta hi INDian GDP kum 2020-21 first quarter a 23.9% laia a tawmtet hnuah a sawhletnaa ngaihah fimkhur a ngaih thu an sawi thung.

Rating agency ICRA a Principal economist Aditi Nayar chuan GST collection sang chu lawmawm tak a nih rualin kharkhum avanga demand sang leh inventory restocking vang a nih theih thu sawiin awhrei tur a ni em tih a la chiang lo tiin a sawi thung.

GST inflows-ah hian State lian Rajasthan leh Tamil Nadu-ah te a sang ber a, 17% leh 15% ve ve niin Andra Pradesh-ah 8% growth awmin Gujarat-ah 6% a awm thung a, Maharashtra leh Uttar Pradesh-ah a tlahniam a, Karnataka-ah phei chuan nikum 2019 nena khaikhinin 5% in a hniam zawk thung.

(THE AIZAWL POST – Ramchhung)

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