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September thlaah Final Year Examination neih hman tur


Final Year university examination chu September thla tawp hmain online emaw offline mode in emaw neih tur tho a nih thu University Grants Commission (UGC) chuan a sawi.

Zirlai heng examination-a inlan thei lo te chu a hnuah special examination siamsak tur a nih thu official thuchhuak chuan a tarlang bawk.

Home Ministry pawhin Ministry of Human Resources Development hnena lehkha a thawnah examination neih chu a remtih thu sawiin final term exam chu UGC duhdang angin ‘tihmakmawh’ tiin a sawi bawk.

Zirlai leh nu leh pa tam tak te chuan Covid-19 pandemic avangin examination hi thulh mai ni se tia ngenna leh nawrna nasa takin an lantir a. State pasarih te chuan Read More>>

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