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SII ten Covid Vaccine hman phal dilna thehlut


Serum Institute of India (SII) te chu India company zinga Drugs Controller General of India (DCGI) hnena Oxford Covid-19 vaccine India rama emergency a hman dil hmasa ber niin an dil chhanah medical thila mamawh phuhruk nan leh mipui nawlpui tana pawimawh tiin an sawi ni.

SII te hma hian US pharmaceutical giant Pfizer Indian arm te chuan India drug regulator-te hnenah an Covid-19 vaccine siam chu emergency a hman remtihna an lo dil tawh bawk a ni.

Oxford Covid-19 vaccine Covishield hi phase 3 clnical trial SII ten an kalpui mek a, Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) tena an co-sponsored a ni bawk a ni.

Phase 2 leh 3 clinical trial result a zirin SII te chuan ICMR puhnain he vaccine India-in a neih vat theih nan hma an laktur thu thla kalta khan an lo sawi tawh a ni.

ICMR te chuan SII te hian vaccine te hi an siamna hmunah DCGI phalna an lak hnuah 40 million dose an siam der tawh thu an sawi bawk.

SII tena dilna an thehluhah clinical study pali an neih UK-ah pahnih leh Brazil leh India-ah pakhat ve ve an neihah Covishield chuan virus kai lang tawh leh a bik takin a tuar na tawh te lakah a tha hle tih an finfiah thu an sawi a.

Dilna an thehluha Covishield chuan nghawng chhia leh hlauhawm a neih loh thu sawiin a side effect awm te pawh hun rei lo te hnua reh leh mai tiin an sawi a. Hei vang hian Covishield chu a him thu sawiin mipui nawpui in Covid-19 an kaina tur lakah a veng thei tiin an sawi bawk.

India rama Covid-19 vaccine a awm theih nan hian khawvela vaccine siamtu ian ber SII te chuan University of Oxford leh AstraZeneca te nen inremna siama thawk hovin hma an la a ni.

SII te chuan Central Drugs Laboratory (CDL), Kasauli a enfiahna nei turin vaccine 12 a thehlut tel bawk.

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