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Silver Lake ten Reliance ah Rs 7500 crore invest belh


Khawvela tech investor lian ber Silver Lake Partner te chuan Reliance Industries Ltd subsidy, Reliance Retail Ventures Ltd (RRVL) ah 1.75% stake Rs 7500 crore-a a lei thu a sawi.

He investment avang hian RRVL chuan pre-money equity value Rs 4.21 lakh crore a nei ta bawk a. Tun hi Silver Lake tena Reliance Industries subsidiary a billion dollar investment a tih tum hnihna ni dawnin a hmain Jio Platform-ah $1.35 billion (Rs 10,200 crore chuang) investment a lo ti tawh a ni.

RRVL subsidiary Reliance Retail Ltd hi khawvela retail business thang chak ber niin ram pumah dawr 12,000 chuangah dawrtu 640 million chuang a nei a.

Silver Lake hian $ 60 billion chuang neia ngaih niin khawvel hmun hrang hrangah investment lian tham a ti nasa hle a, chung zingah chuan Airbnb, Alibaba, Alphabet’s Verily and Waymo units, Dell Technologies, Twitter bakah global technology leader hrang hrangah investment lian tham tak takin a kalpui a ni.

Mukesh Ambani, Chairman and Managing Director, Reliance Industries chuan, “Sumdawng tenau te nena kan thawhhonaah leh Indian retail sector-a Indian consumer te tana kan thawhnaah Silver Lake te nena kan thawk dun leh tur hi ka lawm a ni,” tiin a sawi.

“Heng sector-a danglamna thlen turin technology chu a bulpuiah kan ngai a, huapzo hmasawnna siam nana tulah kan ngai a ni. Indian Retial-a hmathlir kan neihah Silver Lake te hi thawhpui hlu tak an ni,” tiin a sawi bawk.

Egon Durban, Co-CEO and Managing Partner, Silver Lake chuan, “H investment hman hian Reliance nena kan inzawmna kan tinghet zual a ni. Mukesh Ambani leh Reliance team te hian retail leh technology lamah an hmathlir huaisen tak, society tana thawh duhna leh rintlak taka an hnathawh hmangin retail leh technology ah khawvel hmahruaitu an ni mek a ni,” tiin a sawi.

“Hun rei lo te chhunga JioMart khawvel hmun tina Covid-19 beih mek a nih laia India rama hlawhtlinna a neih hi thil thleng ngai lo a ni a, growth duhawm tak thleng tur a intan chauh a ni. Reliance in New Commerce strategy an neih hi thil thlak danglam tu tur a ni,” tiin a sawi bawk.

(THE AIZAWL POST – Ramchhung)

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