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Speaker hi kan dem – ZPM VUC


MLA atanga Lalduhoma ban a nih danah Assembly speaker rorel dan chu Anti defection danin a tum a nih loh avangin an dem takzet tih Zoram People’s Movement Val Upa Council chuan an sawi.

Nilainia ZPM VUC thukhawm thuchhuak chuan, Assembly speaker-in Pu Lalduhoma, ZPM Legislature Party leader, MLA a nihna a hlihsak chungchangah Pu Lalduhoma leh ZPM candidate dangten MLA inthlan an chuh khan ZPM chu political party-a din a nih tawh thu leh manifesto mumal tak leh common symbol pawh a neih tawh thu a sawi.

Mahse, khatih lai khan ZPM chu party ding hlim niin, registration leh recognition a la neih hman loh avang maiin, independent anga an chuh a tul a. Mahse, ZPM political party candidate an nih angin VUC hmaah pawh ZPM-a rinawmna thu an tiam thlap tih a sawi a ni.

ZPM MLA zawng zawngte hi inthlan dawna an dinhmun leh tuna an dinhmun hi a la ngai reng, tiin, ‘Anti-defection dan tum leh siam chhan – Statement of Objects and Reasons-in a sawi chu uire/phatsan (defection) khap a ni. ZPM MLA-te hian party emaw thlangtu mipuite an phatsan lo. Chuvangin, hetianga speaker-in Pu Lalduhoma MLA a nihna atanga a chawlhtir hi ama mimal huphurhna leh itsikna avang ni ngeiin VUC chuan a hria a, speaker thiltih dan hi a dem takzet a ni,’ a ti.

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