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Sports Personality of the Year – Khabib Nurmagomedov


Tlawm nei miah lo chunga UFC chawlhsan ta Khabib Nurmagomedov chu Sports Personality of the Year (World Sport Star of 2020) atan thlan a ni.

Kum 32 mi ‘The Eagles’ an tih mai Khabib hian UFC huangah hneh theitu a tawng lova, fight vawi 29b hmachhawn in, a hneh vek a, tha tawlh tawlh in, UFC a chawlhsan dawn hnaih lamah phei chuan a khingpui ten an khan lo thei hle nghe nghe. October thla khan interim champion Justin Gaethje hmachhawnin, awlsam zetin a hneh leh a. Rin lawk loh takin UFC a chawlhsan thu a puang zui nghal. Khabib hi a pain a boralsan vangin UFC huanga awm zui zel nuam a ti tawh lova, a pa a lo tiam tawh angin mittui nen a chawlh thu a puang zui.

BBC in infiammite hnenah chawimawina pek thin hi pathianni zan hian sechhuah a ni a ng.

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