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State Law Commission thukhawm


Mizoram State Law Commission chu Zirtawpni khan an chairman, Lala Khobung hoin an thukhawm a. Tun tum hi Mizoram State Law Commission thutkhawm vawi 37-na a ni.

Thutkhawmah hian ‘The Mizo Marriage, Divorce and Inheritance of Property Act 2014’ hman mek chu a taka kalpui a nih hnu-ah ennawn leh siamthat ngai a awm nia hria-in an sawi ho a. A tul angin sawrkarah recommendation siam nise an ti. Hei bakah hian ‘The Mizoram Civil Courts Act 2005’ pawh an sawi ho a. Tuna Mizorama court hrang hrangte thuneihna chinte, thubuai hlabuai an ngaihtuah theih chin leh thubuai hlabuai kaihhnawiha sum leh pai an khawih theih zatte an sawi a. Hei pawh a tul angin Mizoram sawrkarah recommendation siam nise an ti bawk.

Tuna Mizoram State Law Commission member dangte chu – secretary, Zahmingthanga Ralte (Joint Secretary, Law & Judicial Department), member-te : Advocate General Mizoram, Law & Judicial secretary, Autnomous District Council pathuma chief executive member te, Mizoram Judicial Service Association president, Mizoram Bar Association president bakah Addl. Advocate General Mizoram leh Addl. Govt. Advocate pahnihte an ni.

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