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Super Speciality Hospital siam rawtna sawi ho


Chief secretary Lalnunmawia Chuaungo leh additional chief secretary JC Ramthanga hoin Thawhlehni khan Global Middas Group-in Mizoram sawrkara hmasawnna leh investment atana proposal pahnih – Mega Film City leh Super Speciality Hospital an thehluh chungchang sawi ho a ni.

Chief secretary chuan heng proposal-te hi sawrkarin uluk takin kiltin atangin Mizoram leh mipuiten an hlawkpui theih dan kawng hrang hrang ngaihtuah chungin, ngun taka thlirho a tul tih a sawi a. Company-ten Mizoramah investment an neih chu tha viau mah se, investment reng rengin state leh mipui tan hmasawnna a ken tel theihte chu uluk taka buk leh ngaituah a pawimawh hmasa a ni, a ti.

Aizawla Middas Global Group aiawhten heng proposal pahnih hi sawifiahin zawhna awmte an chhang a, ram an mamawh dan tur pawh sawi a ni.

Thutkhawmah hian heng proposal chungchangah thutlukna siam a awm loa, hun remchang hmasa berah Global Middas Group hotute hi Aizawlah lokalin heng prosal an kalpui tum dan sawrkar hotute an sawipui leh dawn a ni.

(THE AIZAWL POST – Tualchhung)

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