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Supreme Court ngenna Centre-in hnawl hmel


Supreme Court-in Union government hnena loneitute nawrhna tihreh a nih hma chuan farm law pathum te chu la kalpui loh mai a theih em, tia a ngen hnuah BJP te chuan farm law pathumte thatna zawk chu sawifiahin loneitute hnenah nasa taka hrilhfiahna kalpui an tum thu an sawi.

BJP general secretary leh Union Home Minister Amit Shah tena meeting an neih hnuah outreach programme klpui ni se an ti a, State tam takah chuan kalpui mek tawh niin nasa zawka kalpui an tum ni.

Party president J.P. Nadda Covid-19 avanga inkhung mek pawhin web hmangin meeting a zawm a, meeting neihnaah hian Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman leh Commerce Minister Piyush Goyal te chu an tel thung.

He meeting neih zawh hnu hian Tomar chuan phek riata chhah loneitute hnena dan thar pathum an hlawkpuina tur leh Opposition te chu dan thar an do avanga a beihna a tichhuak zui nghal a.

“Tomar lehkhathawn hi chetlakna a ni,” tiin senior BJP leader chuan sawiin sorkar chuan farm law kalpuiah a chian thu sawiin agriculture reform chungchanga opposition te hmai hnih neihzia pholan a ni tiin a sawi bawk.

Nimin khan Prime Minister Narendra Modi chuan Madhya Pradesh a loneitute chu video link hmangin a titipui bawk a, party leader te chuan sorkar chu farm law-ah a din ngheh tlat thu an sawi bawk.

BJP te chuan Supreme Court ngenna chu tihhlawhtlin tumna an nei lo ngeia ngaih a ni a. Sorkar leh loneitute chu an dinna ngaih an la ding ve ve zel tih a ni.

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