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Synod hruaitute’n lirnghing tuartute tlawh


Mizoram Synod hruaitute chuan Inrinni zan atang khan lirnghing tuarte thlamuan turin Presbyterian kohhran 28 awmna Tuipuiral Presbytery huam chhunga Pastor Bial panga an fang.

Synod-in khuarel chhiatna avanga in leh lo chhiate a tanpuina thin danin, in chhe vek luah tlak lohah Rs 10000 zel, siamthat ngai khi nasa zualah Rs 8000 zel an pe.

Khawbung leh Farkawn-ah chuan VLTF te’n khawtlang aurinna hmanga Synod hruaitute rawngbawlna tur remchang an lo siam a ni.

Synod hruaitute hi hi hmun li-ah an in\hen a: Synod Moderator Rev R Lalchanglian leh Rev H Remthanga te’n Khawbung bial an fang a. Secretary (Jr) Upa Lalrinmuana leh Rev H Lalrinmawia te’n Vaphai leh Farkawn Pastor Bial, Executive Secretary Rev B Sangthanga leh Rev R. Lalhmingthanga te’n Khuangleng Pastor Bial, Executive Secretary Rev K Lalrinmawia leh Rev Dr. H. Vanlalauva te’n Vanzau Pastor Bial an fang.

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