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Taiwan atangin tanpuina dawng


Covid-19 dona atana Taiwan atanga Mizoramin puihna a dawn, hmai tuamna (N-95 masks leh 3-layer masks) leh RT-PCR test kits chu Nilaini khan chief minister Zoramthanga hnenah hlan a ni.

Taiwan sawrkar atangin cheng nuai 45 man hu, N-95 mask 35000 leh 3-layer mask 35000 chu Mizoram puihna atan dawn a ni a. Meiho University Taiwan hnen atangin RT-PCR test kit, Peptide Cham Biotech Co.Ltd. in a siam chu dawn a ni bawk. Test kits hi cheng nuai 15 man hua chhut a ni.

Heng bungruate hi Health & Family Welfare Department hnenah hlanchhawn a ni a, Test kit hi Zoram Medical College-ah Health Department-a record a nih hnu ah dah tura ruahman a ni.

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