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Taiwanese artist-in pencil-a thil ker record a siam


Taiwan-a pencil ker thiam hmingthang Lee Chien-chu chuan pencil laimu dum (graphite) tlawn khat chu chain inzawm angin a ker a, chain 168 inzawm vek anga kerin, Guinness World Record a siam a, a record siam chu ‘pencil lead a chain inthlunzawm ker chhuak hnem ber’ record a ni.

Pencil chhungmu dum chu kan hria ang a, a lian lo khawp mai, chu chu chain inthlun zawm vek angin a ker ta, chain 168 inthlunzawm angin a ker chhuak ta a, a chain ker chhuah chu 36.5cm a sei a ni.

Lee Chien-chu hian 2019 khan record hi a lo siam tawh a, chumi tum chuan chain 101 a ker chhuak a, mahse, he a record siam hi Indian artist pakhatin rawn khumin, kumin May thla khan pencil chhungmu-ah chain inthlunzawm 126 a rawn ker chhuak a, he record hi Lee bawkin a rawn khum ve leh ta a ni.

Lee hian record siam turin a hmaa pencil chhungmu a lo ker tawh, chain 101 a ker chhuah tawh sa chu hmang lehin, a ker belh leh, chain 168-ah a chhuah leh ta a ni.

Lee hian pencil chhungmu hmanga thil ker hi ama tawka a zir chhuah a ni a, tun kum 10 chhungin pencil chhungmu hmangin milem 180 vel a ker tawh a, cartoon character leh hmun hmingthang leh ramsa lem te a ker ber thin a ni.

(THE AIZAWL POST – Phuah Pawlh)

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