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Tangkhang haw kim thawkhat tawh


Covid-19 hrilen vanga inkharkhip hnua hmun danga
tangkhang, Mizorama haw turte chu an haw kim thawkhat tawh a, a huhova lian thama haw tur an awm tawh lo nia hriat a ni.

Chutih laiin Task Group on Migrant Workers and Stranded Travellers hotute chuan thil a danglam deuh reng tih an sawi a, haw duh thar leh haw duh leh lo an awm reng avangin thil sawi a har tih an sawi.

Hmun danga tangkhang, Mizorama haw duh, Task Group on Migrant Workers and Stranded Travellers hnena hming pe hi mi 14401 an ni a, an zinga 12664 chuan Mizoram an thleng tawh.

Hming pe zat a\anga chhutin mi 1737 vel an la bang a, Task Group hotute chuan an zingah pawh hian haw tum zeta thulh leh te an awm theih thu te, chutih rual chuan haw tura hming pe thar an awm theih thu te an sawi.

Tunah rih chuan hlawm lian thama haw tur an awm rih lo tih thu dawn a ni a, haw tharte pawh thlawhnaa haw an ni tlangpui tawh tih thu dawn a ni bawk. Thu dawn danin, Mizorama pana haw mek hi mi 112 vel an awm a ni.

Task Group hnena in-report, Mizorama haw tawhte zingah hian 11799 te’n quarantine facility an chhuahsan tawh.

# Mizorama haw turin mi 14401 te’n hming an pe
# An zinga 12664 chu Mizoram hruai thlen an ni tawh
# Mizorama haw tawhte zinga 11799-in quarantine facility an chhuahsan tawh
$ Tangkhang mi 1737 vel an la awm

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