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Taylor Swift a la lar ber


Taylor Swift chu kar hnih chhung a zawnin US-a zaithiam lar ber a ni e. Swift hi Billboard Artist 100 chart-ah No.1 ni lehin, tihian he chart-a a No.1 hun chhung belhkhawm chu kar 39 a tling tawh a, Artist 100 chart-a No.1 ni rei ber record a siam chu a sawh nghet sauh sauh e. He chart-a No.1 nih ngun lama Swift dawttu chu Drake niin, kar 31 a No.1 tawh a ni.

Billboard Artist 100 chart hi kar khat chhunga US-a zaithiam lardan tehna a ni ber a, kar khat chhunga zaithiam ten album leh hla mal an hralh tam dan te, streaming leh radio-a an zai tir nasat dan te leh social media fan interaction te chu chart ranking siam nana tehna pawimawh a ni.

Taylor Swift hi a album ‘Folklore’ chu Billboard 200 chart-ah a kar hnih nan a No.1 leh a, Hot 100 chart-ah pawh a hla 10 a la lang thei a, hei hian Artist 100 chart-ah pawh a dinhmun a la siamtha a ni.

Billie Eilish chu chart No.19 atangin No.5-ah a invawrh a, hei hi a hla ‘My Future’ Hot 100 chart No.6 a a debut vang a ni.

(THE AIZAWL POST – Thalaite Huang)

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