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Taylor Swift ‘Folklore’ a la No.1


Taylor Swift ‘Folklore’ album chu tunkar Billboard 200 (albums) chart-ah a No.1 a, tihian kar nga chhung a zawnin he chart-ah hian a No.1 ta a, kumina he chart-a No.1 ni rei ber Lil Baby ‘My Turn’ record a nih rual ta chiah a, 2018-a Drake album ‘Scorpion’ hnuah he chart-a a zawna kar nga No.1 ni leh thei hmasa ber a ni bawk.

Folklore hi US-ah August ni 21 leh ni 27 inkar khan copy 98,000 a hralh leh a, hei hi chart-ah a No.1 pui leh ta a ni. Billboard 200 (albums) chart hi kar khat (Zirtawpni – Ningani) chhunga US-a album hralh tam dan atanga teha chart ranking siam thin a ni a, album hralh zat chhiar nan hian album tak tak hralhna bakah streaming atanga album hralhna tlukpui leh album-a hla mal hralhna atanga album hralhna tlukpui te belhkhawm thin a ni.

Folklore hi copy 52,000 chu album tak tak hralhna niin, streaming atangin album copy 45,000 tlukpui hralhin, album-a hla mal hralhna atangin album copy 1,000 tlukpui an hralh leh thei bawk.

Pop Smoke No.1 album hlui ‘Shoot for the Stars Aim for the Moon’ chu copy 83,000 hralh lehin No.2-ah bawk a la awm a, Juice WRLD No.1 album hlui ‘Legends Never Die’ pawh copy 70,000 hralh lehin No.3-ah bawk a la awm a, Broadway cast recording Hamilton: An American Musical chu copy 51,000 hralh lehin No.5 atangin No.4-ah a insawn ve thung.

Nas album thar ‘King’s Disease’ chu copy 47,000 hralhin No.5-ah a debut a, he chart-a a debut san ber a la ni a, a top 10 album 14-na a ni bawk.

Lil Baby No.1 album hlui ‘My Turn’ chu copy 43,000 hralh lehin No.5 atangin No.6-ah a tawlh a, Rod Wave ‘Pray 4 Love’ chu copy 40,000 hralh lehin No.6 atangin No.7-ah a tawlh ve thung.

The Killers album thar ‘Imploding the Mirage’ chu copy 37,000 hralhin No.8-ah a debut a, an band top 10 album parukna a ni.

Top 10 khartu album pahnih chu No.1 album hlui ve ve niin, DaBaby ‘Blame It on Baby’ chu copy 34,000 hralh lehin No.8 atangin No.9-ah a tawlh a, Post Malone ‘Hollywood’s Bleeding’ chu copy 31,000 hralh lehin No.9 atangin No.10-ah a tawlh ve ta bawk.

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