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‘The Beast of the Middle East’-in push up record thar a siam


‘The Beast of the Middle East’ ti a a hminglem an phuah hial Walid Yari, kum 34, chuan push up record thar a siam a, minute khat chhungin flying push up vawi 33 a ti hman a, minute khata flying push up tihnem thei ber a la ni.

Flying push up chu push up tih dan pangngai anga awp hniamin, a inbeng kân leh lamah a perhin an inperh kang ve thung a, an taksa zawng zawng perh kangin, an awmna hmun an insawn thin. Walid Yari hian a thil rin a vara siamin, chu chu flying push up tiin a kar tawn zak zak a, minute khatah vawi 33 a ti hman a ni.

Record siam tur hian Guinness-in dan an neihah chuan push up a nih dan tur ang taka tih tur a ni a, push up a an inperh kan laiin an ban chu a thlep tur a ni lo va, an taksa pawh an bawk phek angin a awm ngil zaih tur a ni a, khup emaw kawng emaw tih tawm deuh theih a ni lo.

A hmaa flying push up record chu India mi Germany a awm Harpeet Singh-a siam niin, minute khatah flying push up vawi 26 a ti thei a, he record hi Yari hian a rawn khum ta a ni.

Walid Yari hi a workout dan turu tak mai social media vela a post thin atanga a hminglem a ‘The Beast’ an tih tak a ni a, a tleirawl lai atanga gym ngaina tawh a ni a, ani hi Middle East-ah pawh hetiang freestyle workout lak dan hautak tak tak tilartu hi niin an sawi nghe nghe a ni.

Walid Yari chuan, “Tleirawl chhuah atanga taksa sawizawi tuipui tawh ka ni a, Guinness World Records siam thei tur khawpin ka inpeih tawh tih keimah ka inhre mai a, tichuan, camera te nen inringin, ka hmaa record ka khûm lai chu ka la ta vek a ni,” a ti.

(THE AIZAWL POST – Phuah Pawlh)

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