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Thih leh dam kara leng Real


Nizan lamah UEFA Cha-mpions League group match khelh niin, Group E, F. G leh H te an inching fel a. Zanin hian Group A, B, C leh D te an inchingfel zui ve leh ang. Zaninah inkhel tur zingah Real Madrid in Santiago Bernabeu-a Boru-ssia Monchengladbach an mikhual tur chu inkhel ngaihven hlawh a ni ang. Real Madrid hi thih leh dam kara leng an ni a, last 16 lut turin an mualah chak ngei an mamawh.

Real Madrid awmna Group B a mite hi an intumtawk hlawm em em a, table mawngphah Inter Milan pawh last 16 lut thei dinhmunah an la ding a, hmahruaitu Borussia Mon-chengladbach pawh tla thei dinhmunah an la ding ve tho bawk. UCL-a club hlawhtling ber Real Madrid hi Group B-ah pathumna an ni mek a, last 16 lut turin an mikhual Monchengladbach hi an hneh ngei ngei a ngai. German club hian La Liga champion lakah point an hlawhchhuak thei a nih chuan last 16 an inhlangkai thei dawn. Last 16 lut zo lova Real Madrid an tla a nih chuan an manager Zidane an ban ngei a rinawm. Group B hnuai ber luah mektu Inter Milan chuan an mualah pahnihna luah mektu Shakhtar Donetsk an mikhual dawn a. Last 16 tur turin Inter Milan tan chak ngei ngei a ngai tawh. An chak a nih pawhin Real Madrid leh Monchengladbach te inkhel result in an hma lam hun tur a hril zui bawk ang.

Group A-ah champion lai Bayern Munich chuan last 16 an lut chiang tawh a, FC Salzburg leh Atletico Madrid ten last 16 luh an inchuh zui ang. Group C an inching fel tawh a, Manchester City leh FC Porto ten last 16 an lut chiang tawh. Group D-ah Liverpool chu group champion niin, last 16 an lut chiang tawh a. Atalanta leh Ajax Amsterdam ten last 16 luh an inchuh ve thung ang.

Inkhel hi zan dar 11:25 atangin en tur a awm tan dawn a, Real Madrid leh Monchengladbach te hi dar zanlai dar 1:30-ah an intum thung ang.

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