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Thuchah inphuahsiak lawmman sem


Khawzawl district huamchhunga chengte tan electoral roll-a inthun pawimawh zia tilang thei thuchah, ‘slogan’ inphuahsiak lawmman chu Thawhtanni khan lawmman sem a ni a, district election officer Zothanmawia’n a sem.

Slogan inphuahsiak hi Special Summary Revision of Photo Electoral Roll 2021 puala Election Branch, Khawzawl bultum niin, Khawzawl district mi kum 14-20 inkar a duh apiang tan buatsaih a ni. E-Roll Revision kal mek thehlarna hmanrua pakhat a nih bakah vote thlak thei tura kum tlingthar leh tling mai turte hnena electoral roll-a hming thun pawimawh zia zirtirna atana buatsaih a ni.

Pakhatna chu B. Lalhruaizela, Khawzawl Vengthar niin, a thupui phuah chu – “I vote khat khan ram hmasawnna a thlen theih avangin, vote thlak thei turin inziaklut ngei ang che” tih a ni.

Pahnihna dawngtu pahnih an awm a, B. Vanlalruatfela, Khawzawl Vengthar thuphuah chu – “Vote-in man a neilo, mahse i vote-in rama siamtha thei; roll-ah in register ngei ang che” tih a ni a. FH Lalrinchhungi, Khawzawl Electric Veng thuphuah – “Enroll in free and vote to free” tih a ni.

Lawmman pakhatna hian sumfai Rs. 1000 leh certificate a kengtel a, pahnihnain Rs. 500 leh certificate an dawng a ni.

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