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Tlabung tan ABCI chechhuak


Khawthlangtuipui lianin a chim vanga Tlabunga khelmual puitling awmchhun – Licheng cheithat nan ABCI company chuan cheng nuai 20 hu hna a thlawnin a thawk tawh tih sawi a ni.

Tlabung atanga thudawn danin, kum kaltaa tuilianin a chim avanga tun thlenga hman theih loh, Licheng mual hi Tlabung Games & Sports Association bakah Khawthlangtuipui Group YMA hruaitute ngenna tihlawhtlingin, Tlabung leh Kawrpuichhuah inkalpawhna kawng sialthatu ABCI Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd. chuan a thlawnin lei chunglang rualrem lo lai an hnawh mam a ni.

(THE AIZAWL POST – Tualchhung)

The Aizawk Post

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