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Tluang taka neih LADC inthlanah vote 85.24% chuang tla


Lai Autonomous District Council (LADC) hnuaia Member of District Council (MDC) seat 25 atana inthlanpui buatsaihah bial 25-a polling station 111-ah te December 4 khan tluang takin vote thlak a ni a. EVM leh postal ballot-a vote tla hi za zelah 85.24 a tling a ni.

Inthlan ni hian MDC bial 25-a polling station 111-ah vote thlak nana hman electoral voting machine (EVM) ah vote awm thei zawng zawng 51,456 (mipa 25,352 leh hmeichhia 26,104) atangin vote 43,060 (mipa 21,339 leh hmeichhia 21,721) a tla a, chu chu 83.68% a ni.

Inthlan nia mahni vote neihna hmuna vote thlak thei lo tur (election duty tur leh Cocid-19 vanga home quarantine mek) te tan postal ballot 851 pek chhuah niin, Inrinni thleng khan postal ballot vote 802 (mipa 623 leh hmeichhia 179; election duty 516 leh home quarantine 286) a tla tawh a, 49 chu la nghah mek niin, vote chhiar hun thlengin postal ballot hi dawn theih ala ni. EVM vote tla leh tun thlenga postal ballot vote tla zat belhkhawm chu 43,862 (mipa 21,962 leh hmeichhia 21,900) a ni a, chu chu vote awm zat 51,456 atangin 85.24% a ni.

Constituency 25 awm zingah vote 3,477 (mipa 1,771 leh hmeichhia 1,706) awmna Sakei Lui MDC constituency-ah vote 3,262 (M-1,677; H-1,585) (93.82%) tlain, vote tlak thatna ber constituency a ni a. Vote 2169 (mipa 1032 leh hmeichhia 1137) awmna Lawngtlai-III MDC constituency-ah vote 1572 (mipa 740 leh hmeichhia 832), zaah 72.48 tlain, a tlak chhiatna ber constituency a ni.

Polling station 111 awm zingah Chamdur P-II PS-a vote awm zawng zawng 122 (mipa 65 leh hmeichhia 57) atangin vote 120 (mipa 65; hmeichhia 55), zaah 98.36% a tla a, vote tlak thatna ber polling station a ni a. Paithar PS-a vote awm 527 (mipa 251 hmeichhia 276) atangin vote 345 (mipa 154 leh hmeichhia 191), zaah 65.46 a tla a, vote tlak chhiatna ber polling station a ni. Hei hi Covid-19 avanga home quarantine lai an tam vang a ni a, home quarantine laite atang hian postal ballot 111 a tla a ni.

Vote thlak hun khar a nih hnuah polling station tina polling party-te chuan Lawngtlai an pan nghal a. Strong room awmna Lawngtlai DC office complex-ah lo dawnsawn zel niin, vote thlakna EVM leh polling material dangte chu felfai taka chhinchhiahin strong room-ah dahluh a ni. Polling party-te hian harsatna awm loin Inrinni zing khan Lawngtlai an thleng kim thei vek tih thu dawn a ni.

Ruahman lawk dan chuan, LADC MDC inthlanpuia vote tlate hi December 8 hian Lawngtlaiah chhiar a ni ang.

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