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Torchlight êng ber an siam


Canadian YouTuber Hacksmith Industries dintu James Hobson chuan flashlight torch êng ber a siam a, a hmingah ‘Nitebrite 300’ a ti a, LEDS 300 dahin record siamin 5,01,301 lumens pechhuak thei a ni.

A ên dan hi kan hriat thiam theih dan tur chuan torchlight êng tha tak Imalent MS 18 an tih te hian 18 lumens a pe chhuak thei chauh a ni.

He flashlight êng tak siam tur hian Hacksmith team hian computer hmangin a plan an siam a, kutin a flashlight hi an siam leh ta a ni. LED paruk zel board pakhatah dahin, chung board-te chu an remkhawm leh a, board 50 te chu driver-ah connect-in, chu chu battery pakhat hmangin an tieng ta a ni.

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