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Training naah Kane a inlan lo


Tottenham player pawimawh ber Harry Kane chuan nipui chawlh a hmang zo va, Tottenham training a zawm hun a thleng ve leh tawh. Tottenham chhuahsan a, Manchester City zawm a duh vangin Kane hian thawhtanni khan Spurs training a zawm duh lo thung.

Premier League champion Manchester City chuan England captain Harry Kane hi an tlarhma thuamchak turin lak ngei an duh a. Amanah £30m an thehchhuak phal hial. Kane ngei pawh hian Spurs chhuahsan ngei a duh a. Inelna liana champion theihna tur club lian zawk pan a duh. Tottenham chhuahsan a duh thu hi a zep buai duh tawh lo. A duh leh beisei anga chhuah phalsak a la nih loh vangin kawhmawh a bawl tan a, thawhtanni a Spurs training a zawm duh lo phawt.

Premier League-ah vawithum ngawt topscorer ni tawh Kane hian trophy lian chawi turin Spurs chhuahsan a mamawh niin sawi a ni thin. Season liam ta khan chhuah a duh tawh a. Chairmain Deniel Levy-a’n a ui bet. Season liam taah chairmian thu a zawm vangin chhuah a duh pawh hi an ngaih pawimawhsak ngei a ring hle nghe nghe. Chuti chunga chhuahtir an la phak loh vangin kawhmawh a bawl tan ta a ni.

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