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Tualchhunga hri kai mi 140 chuang


Mizoramah Covid-19 natna vei hriatchhuah an awm belh zel a, tualchhunga he hri kai pawh an pung zel.

Integrated Disease Surveillance Project (IDSP) te’n an chhinchhiah danin Mizorama he hri kai hriatchhuah tawhte zinga mi 144 chu tualchhunga kai, Mizoram pawna zin lo, Mizorama an awm chunga kai an ni.

Thawhtanni thleng khan Mizoramah Covid-19 natna vei hriatchhuah tawh mi 1114 an awm a, an zinga mi 970 chu Mizoram pawn atanga rawn lut niin, Mizoram chhunga kai chu mi 144 an ni.

June thlaah khan tangkhang hruai hawte phurtu bus enkawltuin hri hi a kai a, ani hi tualchhunga hri kai hmasa ber a ni.

Tualchhunga hri kai hi tun hnaiah an pung nia hriat a ni a, hrileng do hnathawkah pawh positive hriatchhuah an awm zeuh zeuh. September ni 6-ah pawh khan hri do hnathawk (frontline worker) mi paruk chu an positive tih hriatchhuah a ni.

Mizoram district tinah Covid-19 natna vei hriatchhuah an awm a, Khawzawlah chuan June ni 20 hnu-ah he natna vei hriatchhuah an awm tawh lo.

(THE AIZAWL POST – Tualchhung)

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