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Tualchhunga kai hriatchhuah tam tum


Thawhlehni-a result puanah Mizoramah Covid-19 natna vei hriatchhuah thar zingah tualchhunga kai mi 107 an awm a, hei hi tualchhunga kai an tam ber tum nia hriat a ni.

Information department-in Thawhlehni-a result an puan hi September ni 21-a endik an ni a, hri kai hriatchhuah thar mi 107 an awm. An vai hian tualchhunga kai vek an ni.

Hri kai hriatchhuah tharah hia Bawngkawn-a cheng mi 38 an awm a, veng mala hri kai tam lamah Venghnuai an khum. Venghnuai hi hri kai mi 28 awmna a ni.

Mi 107 zinga 106 chu ZMC laboratory-a endik an ni a, ZMC-ah hian sample 759 endik a ni. Positive-te hi veng leh khaw hrang hrang 20-a mite leh pioneer camp (Thingsulthliah) leh Mizoram University-a mite an ni. Rapid Antigen Test hmanga hriatchhuah hi Aizawl-a mi, mipa a ni.

Mizoramah Covid-19 natna vei hriatchhuah mi 1692 an awm tawh a, an zinga 1012 chu an dam tawh. Enkawl lai hi mi 680 an ni. Hri kai hriatchhuah tawhte hi mipa 1375 leh hmeichhia 317 an ni.

September ni 10 khan a hma ni-a endik result puan niin, hri kai thar mi 141 an awm a, khami tih lohvah Thawhlehni-a result hriat kha hri kai an tam ber tum a ni.

(THE AIZAWL POST – Tualchhung)

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