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Tui hleuh rei record siam


Darkar 24 chhung chawlh neih miah lova tuihleuh chu a hahthlak ve ngat ngat khawp ang! Chutiang chu ti thei an awm dawn em ni, te pawh i lo ti rilru a ni mai thei e. A chhanna chu “awm e” tih a ni.

A hming chu Marian Cardwell a ni a, Lake Michigan-ah darkar 24 chhung chawl miah lovin tui a hleuh tlat mai. Marian hian diabetes charity atan tiin tui hi a hleuh a, Chicago Diabetes Project tan dollar 10,000 a tuak ngah nghal.

Marian hian a tirah chuan Lake Michigan, Chicago atanga Grand Haven thleng chawl lova tui hleuh hi a tum a, mahse, COVID-19 hripui leng avangin a tum hi a tipuitling thei ta lo a, a aiah darkar 24 chhung chawl lovin Lake Michigan-ah a cheng ta zawk a ni.

Marian Cardwell hi tuihleuh thei tak a ni ve hrim hrim a, 2012 khan English Channel pawh a lo hleuh chhuak tawh a ni. Tuna darkar 24 chhung tui a hleuh hi, tui a thuk lo a niang, te i lo ti rilru ngawt ang e, Lake Michigan hi patling ban pil vang vang a thuk a ni a, Marian hian tuia intihlan theihna tur hmanrua engmah a hmang lo.

(THE AIZAWL POST – Phuah Pawlh)

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